Resources for Marin Oratorio Members

Information about Spring semester, 2020
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  • Future Concert Dates and Repertoire (May, 2020 concerts cancelled due to COVID-19 virus)

  • Syllabus for Spring semester, 2020, revised 1/29

  • Registration details

  • One way to locate your College of Marin ID (M00), if you have a MyCOM account

    Registration and Auditions for prospective new members will take place Wednesday, January 22, 2020,
    in Room 72 of the Performing Arts Building at the College of Marin.

    Please do not attempt to pre-register.
    All continuing and returning students, prospective new students and auditors
    must come to the first rehearsal and receive an Authorization Code (Add Code)
    from our Director, Boyd Jarrell, since this is an auditioned class.

  • PDF files containing Resources for Practicing Our Brahms repertoire
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  • Boyd's Breathing Exercises

  • German Pronunciation Basics to print

  • Brahms Requiem texts, translations and pronunciation tips, PLEASE PRINT and bring to class

  • Brahms Liebeslieder and Neue Liebeslieder Walzer texts, translations and pronunciation tips,
    PLEASE PRINT and bring to class

  • Notes to M.O. Brahms Program, by Polly Coote

  • German Texts, Word-for-Word Translations, and IPA Pronunciations, from Singers Babel,
    thanks to Meryl Sacks:
    Brahms Requiem Mov. 1 Brahms Requiem Mov. 2 Brahms Requiem Mov. 3 Brahms Requiem Mov. 4
    Brahms Requiem Mov. 5 Brahms Requiem Mov. 6 Brahms Requiem Mov. 7

  • Guide to using the International Phonetic Alphabet, thanks to Meryl Sacks
    International Phonetic Alphabet Overview: Consonants International Phonetic Alphabet Overview: Vowels

  • Detailed playlists for study performances and part practice:
    Liebeslieder Walzer, Op.52
    Neue Liebeslieder, Op.65
    Ein Deutsches Requiem

  • AUDIO (mp3) Resources for Practicing our Brahms repertoire
    Click to hear

  • Boyd: Warm Up for Basses and Altos:

  • Boyd: Warm Up for Tenors and Mezzo Sop:

  • Pronunciation of the German texts.
    All 3 of our Brahms works, expertly pronounced by Dorli Hanchette.
    (Dorli was a member of this chorus for decades, before she passed away.
    She was a native German speaker, and a dear friend to everyone associated with this chorus.)

  • Study Performances for 3 Brahms works

  • Part Practice for 3 Brahms works: Matthew Curtis

  • ZIP files: Quick Download for Study Performances, Part Practice (Choral Tracks) and
    Pronunciations by Dorli Hanchette

  • Link to Cyberbass part practice:
    Click on Major Works and scroll down to Johannes Brahms.
    Click on Requiem, or Liebeslieder, or Neue Liebeslieder, and find your voice part.

  • Link to Choralia part practice:
    which offers your part, "sung by a synthesizer". It contains an easy speed changer (tortoise and hare.)
    Scroll down to Brahms - Ein Deutsches Requiem (not the English version),
    or Brahms - Selectiion from "Liebeslieder Walzer Op.52,"
    or Brahms - Selection from "Neue Liebeslieder Walzer Op.65". Click on the microphone icon to open.

  • Audio Speed Change
    Fred suggests downloading this Mac utility, which allows you to slow down mp3 files.
    Practical. Easy to use. Intuitive.

  • Moshe's suggestion for speed changing/Windows:
    After downloading an audio file, open it with Windows Media Player.
    Right-click anywhere in the Player window, select Enhancements,
    and click Play Speed Settings. Move the slider to desired speed; click Play.

  • Administrative resources, not about learning our music
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  • Post-concert Memo from Polly, Fall, 2019

  • Concert Dress

  • PDF files containing resources chorus members have suggested
    for increasing personal safety, and input for community advocacy.
    Click to view or print.

  • Community: Think Two Steps Ahead: "September is Pedestrian Safety Month," from Berkeley Police Department.

  • Traffic Safety Memo, researched and written by Kathy Wilcox and Deborah Learner,
    assisted by Don Hodge and Dewey Livingston, and sent to the Marin County Public Works Traffic Division

  • Reflective Gear and other individual help

  • Chorus Input regarding Street Safety on Sir Francis Drake, near College of Marin

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